Location:Christmas Island

About Salynn: <font size="10"><font face="Palatino Linotype">thorez (11:31:20 PM): *gives you strip tease voucher* salynn (11/12/13 12:53:45 AM): Oscar, you should get me a bf oscar (11/12/13 12:53:53 AM): :o oscar (11/12/13 12:54:00 AM): but i dont know you're type salynn (11/12/13 12:54:05 AM): BLACK Bet: Whether or not I find a guy who can handle all THIS in 9 years! Winner Gets: Gift card with a card that says "you were right". Days left: 1539 Salynn - 1 | Drake - 0 blackbrucelee (2/4/13 11:47:30 PM): You're one the smartest people I know and you just gotta know it. Don't worry about these guys, the right one will come along and you won't even see it coming. rayzua (4:13:11 PM): Lol because I believe you can achieve anything you want ;O richmond (3:28:38 PM): You are weird but cute at the same time girl ;~; rayzua (12:26:06 PM): Zebgen loves you Sal ♥ rayzua (12:26:17 PM): You are like my goddess ;o vlada (4:06:24 PM): ♥ youre an amazing person agoki (11:14:42 PM): Saying you're pretty would never be a lie. blackbrucelee (9:22:46 PM): You sound annoyingly cute. Check out my full profile :D! </font></font><font face="Century Gothic"><font face="Brush Script MT"><font size="20">R</font></font><font face="Noteworthy">eality</font> is too <font face="Brush Script MT"><font size="20">C</font></font><font face="Noteworthy">ruel</font><br />Too <font face="Brush Script MT"><font size="20">B</font></font><font face="Noteworthy">rutal</font><br />I <font face="Copperplate"><font color="#669900"><font size="16">don't</font></font></font> even <font face="Copperplate"><font color="#669900"><font size="16">have</font></font></font> the <font face="Copperplate"><font color="#669900"><font size="16">right</font></font></font> to <font face="Brush Script MT"><font size="20">D</font></font><font face="Noteworthy">ream</font> <p align="right">Remember this name<br /><font color="#FFCC00"><b>© Zebulan Generation</b></font></p>